Re: gnome mdi substitution.

På Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 11:18:07AM +0300, Peter skrev:
> I'm new to gtk+/gnome development. I need to create program that simulates
> some physic process. So there is a data I need to draw. Different views of
> the same data.
> There is a technology called MDI (multiple document interface) that allows
> us this in an easy way. But looking in the libgnome reference manual I
> found that it's counterpart in gnome: gnomeMDI is deprecated. I can
> suppose that there is some more comfortable substitution for gnomeMDI.

The GNOME community has chosen to abandon the MDI concept and I do agree
with that. "One window for every document" is easier to use and doesn't
force the user to think about the "type" of a file (why do two totally
unrelated text documents share one window, while a related image has its own

However, you said you have multiple views of the same data (so, basically
that is one document), so having them in the same window seems appropriate
here. Personally, I'd suggest a tabbed view panel or a...

  View ->      View A
           [x] View B
               View C item to switch views.

Good luck!

  mvrgr, Wouter


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