Re: what we need to make apps use gtk instead of libgnome/ui

Le mercredi 23 f�ier 2005 �1:37 +0100, Kristof Vansant a �it :
> I think one of the important things missing at the moment, is good
> documentation for developers how they can switch from gnome widgets to
> gtk widgets. A lot of gnome stuff is deprecated but still used in a lot
> of projects.
> Guides that should be possible to write but I can't find:
> GnomeFileEntry -> ?
> GnomeAppBar -> GtkStatusbar + GtkProgressBar
> GnomeEntry -> GtkEntry + ? (to save the history)
> GnomeCanvas -> GtkCanvas (gtk 2.8)
> esd -> gstreamer
> gnome_config_* -> ?
> widgets and functions missing in gtk at the moment, so can't be
> replaced:
> GnomeDruid
> GnomeHREF
> GnomeDateEdit ?
> gnome_help_*
> gnome_url_*
> session support

I add gnome_authentication_manager_* to the list (I don't know where it should go, but it is the last libgnomeui dependence in GCHemPaint).

> I hope someone would write those guide so we can start replacing code.
> Or set up a wiki and when the documentation is done include it into the
> gtk api guide.

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