Re: labeling interface idea

Oh, and the biggest weakness in current implementations of the labeling
idea is that really none of them actually use intelligence to auto-label
files.  So users must manually label them.  That's wrong.  Most of what
we want to query we already entered in our documents' properties, our
music's tags, the simple fact that JPEG pictures are, well, images.
Integrating all this knowledge is the path to success.

El mar, 12-07-2005 a las 20:06 -0400, Greg Steffensen escribió:
> Hey- I'm an undergraduate CS major currently participating in Google's
> SoC for Inkscape.  There was a project I almost submitted to Gnome,
> but ultimately decided it was too large to be doable in Google's
> timeframe; its still something I'm interested in doing though, and I
> was hoping to find out whether its something Gnome could support in a
> similar manner (minus the Google funds, naturally).  
> Briefly, I'd like to add something similar to the labeling
> functionality in gmail to the linux desktop; I've attached a (much!)
> more detailed proposal.  I'm sure that the Gnome community would be
> happy to see me work on this, but I'm actually looking for something
> more along the lines of a straight yes/no as to whether its something
> the developers could provisionally endorse and provide mentoring for.
> If so, I'd work on it for credit as independent study through my
> university (Gnome would have no interaction with my school, I just
> wouldn't want to take something like this on without community
> assistance).  Regardless, any feedback about the proposal is welcome.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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