Some small usability suggestions for Nautilus/filebrowser


I hope this is the right place to post this. After using GNOME for a
little while, after having come from KDE, and long before that,
Windows, I have several suggestions for the GNOME developers that I
think could definitely help make Nautilus/the filebrowser easier to

1. There should be a clear option to open directories 'in the same
window' for Nautilus (i.e. don't open a new window for each
directory). I know that the 'always open in browser windows' option
does this (or appears to anyways), but I don't think an ordinary user
would find that out very easily.

2. When clicking+dragging files to other Nautilus windows, there
should be a little popup menu that asks you to 'move', 'copy', 'link',
etc. right now it's in middle-click, but I don't know too many apps
that have middle-click dragging, and IMHO right-click would be much

In the "open/save dialog", there are a couple of annoying things too:

3. There should be a textbox that allows you to enter in a custom
directory. Once again, I know the workaround is CTRL+L, but there is
no indication anywhere (on that dialog box) that pressing CTRL+L will
have that effect.

4. When you double-click to go into a directory, the first
subdirectory of that directory is automatically selected. I wouldn't
have minded this, except for in applications like File Roller. Say I
wanted to extract into a directory foo, which contained the directory
bar. I would double-click foo to open it, and bar would be selected.
When clicking 'extract' down at the bottom, it doesn't extract into
foo as I wanted, but instead into bar. This is really annoying as it
means that I will encounter difficulties trying to extract files into
a directory that contains subdirectories.

Hope these suggestions are helpful. Cheers!

Sincerely, Frank Huang
    "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

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