Re: [Usability] Allow donations for precise bugs

I'll note that, for the record, I'm drastically, violently opposed to
doing this in bugzilla. Add this to bugzilla and pretty quickly the
only bugs fixed will be bounty bugs- it will totally skew the
motivations of everyone involved in the project and that would be
terribly unhealthy.


On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 09:59:17 -0700, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 09:12:54 +0100, Maurizio Colucci
> <seguso forever tin it> wrote:
> > Dear friends,
> >
> > I apologize in advance for the cross-post but it seems adequate here, as this
> > proposal involves users and developers.
> Hi,
> Usability isn't the correct list for such a proposal.  Others have
> asked for similar capabilities but I think it's something that needs
> to go through foundation-list (they need to be the ones to handle
> monetary affairs, if I understand correctly); of course, this would
> also require an enhancement to bugzilla, and it'd probably make sense
> to get it in an upstream version first, as Murray pointed out in his
> response on gnome-devel-list.
> Elijah
> P.S.  I don't want to let my lack of response sound like I'm in
> agreement with all your issues, so just let me state that I think your
> assumption that Gnome developers don't listen to normal users is
> false.  If you feel the need to respond, please do so off-list.
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