Re: mailing list outtage postmortem?

s�8,.06.2006 kl. 23.22 -0700, skrev Sri Ramkrishna:
> Can someone from the system administration team update us on what's
>         going on with mailing list archives?  There seems to be very few
>         information on:
>         * How we lost the mailing lists

We've been trying to figure out what causes the flow of mail to stop,
but so far I've not found the cause at least. Others have been looking
at it too without success. jrb said he'd look at it today though.

What happens is that messages take longer and longer to be delivered
until it finally just stops sending out list mail. Bugzilla mail seems
to be unaffected and that gives a clue since we've bypassed virus
checking and spamassassin for bugmail IIRC.

So in effect someone has to babysit the services and restart
mailman/postfix every now and then.

>         * Why have we lost the mailing list archives

The mailman install was updated and the new package has the archives in
a different place than the old one it seems. The data is still there.

>         * What is being done currently to restore the mailing list
>         archives
>         * How do we prevent this from re-occurring      
>         We have more than 8 years of knowledge and history on those
>         mailing list
>         archives and it would be a shame if we lost it.  If we have lost
>         it,
>         maybe we need to also see what else we do not have backups for
>         and fix
>         the problem.

As I said, the data is still there, we just need to do some manual
surgery to merge the old archives with what has accumulated since the


>         I'm piping up because there hasn't been anything posted and I
>         think some
>         of us would like to know what happened.

Much appreciated. I hope this helps alleviate the need for information


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