What API or tool to search mime association?

Hi all,

I'm trying to integrate a mime database with WineTools or Wine itself,
like CrossOver already does for GNOME, to launch a Linux application
from the Wine environment associated with the mime type.

The gconftool seems to be this tool, but I didn't find a clear way to
retrieve such information using it. How to use gconftool to get file
extensions associated to it's mime types and the default action
associated to a mime type?

The following command seems not be usefull in a Debian r3.1 with Gnome 2.12.13:

$ gconftool-2 --dump --recursive-list /schemas | \
egrep "launcher|application|action|mime|extension"

Most of the references about the association between an action and a
mime types point to gnome-vfs, but it's an API and seems to be
deprecated, despite the fact of  being the nautilus core.

No command line tool seems to query mime types, file extensions and
the launch action from a script. In API level, gnome-vfs looks like an
easy option, but the GConf is claimed to me more powerful and
flexible, supporting integration with other environments like KDE.

Can someone point me to a more detailed documentation about mime types
and GConf (or gconftool) usage or give me some breadcrumb trails?

Thanks a lot,
Augusto Arcoverde da Rocha

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