Re: What API or tool to search mime association?

On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 15:24 -0300, Augusto Arcoverde da Rocha wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to integrate a mime database with WineTools or Wine itself,
> like CrossOver already does for GNOME, to launch a Linux application
> from the Wine environment associated with the mime type.

If you just want to launch the default app for a file, use
gnome_vfs_url_show(). You could also use lower level APIs like

> The gconftool seems to be this tool, but I didn't find a clear way to
> retrieve such information using it. How to use gconftool to get file
> extensions associated to it's mime types and the default action
> associated to a mime type?

gconftool is not involved with the mimetype association.

> Most of the references about the association between an action and a
> mime types point to gnome-vfs, but it's an API and seems to be
> deprecated, despite the fact of  being the nautilus core.

Where did you see gnome-vfs being deprecated?

> No command line tool seems to query mime types, file extensions and
> the launch action from a script. In API level, gnome-vfs looks like an
> easy option, but the GConf is claimed to me more powerful and
> flexible, supporting integration with other environments like KDE.

If you want to do this from a script, you should use gnome-open.

GConf supporting integration with KDE? That sounds very strange. GConf
is the API gnome apps use to store preferences. 

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