Re: What API or tool to search mime association?

On 6/21/06, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 15:24 -0300, Augusto Arcoverde da Rocha wrote:
gconftool is not involved with the mimetype association.

Don't have GConf some things to do with users preferences (like user
settings for
mimetype-application association) and with the default settings on GNOME
system (like default mimetype-application associations)?

Where did you see gnome-vfs being deprecated?

From "gnome-vfs-mime-database-deprecated"[1], but I was confused with
some posts advising to don't use this part of gnome-vfs API to deal
with mime types. My apologies.

GConf supporting integration with KDE? That sounds very strange. GConf
is the API gnome apps use to store preferences.

Strange or not, I found this:
"GConf does work without GNOME however; it can be used with plain
GTK+, Xlib, KDE, or even text mode applications as well." [2]

Many Thanks,
Augusto Arcoverde da Rocha

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