mailing list outtage postmortem?

Can someone from the system administration team update us on what's
        going on with mailing list archives?  There seems to be very few
        information on:
        * How we lost the mailing lists
        * Why have we lost the mailing list archives
        * What is being done currently to restore the mailing list
        * How do we prevent this from re-occurring      
        We have more than 8 years of knowledge and history on those
        mailing list
        archives and it would be a shame if we lost it.  If we have lost
        maybe we need to also see what else we do not have backups for
        and fix
        the problem.
        I'm piping up because there hasn't been anything posted and I
        think some
        of us would like to know what happened.

Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com>

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