Re: GNOME "Save as" dialog - defective by design

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 09:48 +0200, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Dnia 27-03-2007, wto o godzinie 13:15 +0200, Murray Cumming napisał(a):
> > I can do this in nautilus using .hidden file in 
> > > /, but I don't know how to do this in "Save as" dialog.
> > Unfortunately, I was wrong about this. The GtkFileChooser does not yet
> > use .hidden files. There is an open bug about this, with the
> > beginnings
> > of a patch:
> > 
> This is a design problem.
> There should be no such thing as "Save as..." dialog.

this is questionable at best.

> Users expect all the file manager functionality from the dialog, so
> effectively the whole Nautilus gets recoded as a "Save as..." dialog,
> doubling the effort, bugs, fixes etc.

no, "users" don't expect this. and nautilus is a file *manager*, that is
an application to move, copy and generally view the file system; at
best, it could replace an *open* dialog.

> We have it all coded in Nautilus, so why cannot we just use it?

well, because nautilus is way above the stack and gtk+ is way below it?

> There should be a "save as" mode in Nautilus.

and pray tell, what would such "save as" mode look like?

>  When the GTK+ dialog is
> called, it should check if there is Nautilus present (it does that
> already, to show the mime icons AFAIR)

no, it doesn't. and it never did.

> If not - show the old plain GTK+ dialog without all the fancy stuff.

I have a better idea than executing an external command that works only
on GNOME: as soon as we have gvfs and GTK+ can depend on it, we won't
need the gnomevfs file system backend in libgnomeui (which is there
because it can depend on gnome-vfs, while gtk+ cannot); then we have
just one code path to use inside the FileChooser widgets.


Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com

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