Re: GNOME 2.24: Worst release cycle I have been a part of [l10n/i18n]

On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 1:07 PM, Kenneth Nielsen <k nielsen81 gmail com> wrote:
> A separate matter is: Why do we always have to be the ones that say
> no? With any luck I might be a parent one day, so I really don't want
> to have to get into that habit to early. I suppose one of the thing I
> asking for, is a little more project (project as in module not GNOME
> as a whole) leader responsibility as well, since probably some of
> these thing should have been rejected already at that level, before
> even reaching us. If you want an example of this, you can read the
> thread from the gnome-i18n list from Sep 16 about a string addition to
> glade3. I'm not sure whether it really ended up actually adding
> strings, but it was clear enough that not many thoughts had been given
> to the rest of the group from them.

Dont worry, I'm not taking offense, I read your previous post and
wanted to share my feelings already ;-)

In this release cycle I've been a little less than communicative, and
for that I apologize, I've been feeling my own brand of disgust, and thats
completely my own fault.

If its any consolation, I did send a call for aid email to d-d-l some
months ago, stating that there was no way we could be ready for
this release unless someone were to step in (it was kind of a heads up)
but I should have sent an official email to i18n/release-team.

> I understand the predicament of the volunteer, especially when it
> comes to time. But being a volunteer does not mean that you can ignore
> your responsibilities once you are commited. Being a volunteer means
> that you decide whether you perform the task or not, not that you can
> decide to perform it any way or style you want to.

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