Re: GNOME 2.24: Worst release cycle I have been a part of [l10n/i18n]


> A set of interesting stats.
> ===========================
> This is a list of modules, which the GNOME status page has told us on
> the gnome-i18n list, that there has been made changes to AFTER string
> freeze on Sep. 1 and until release. (I already sorted the ones out we
> were told were false alarms).
> eog 21. sep.
> gtk+ 19. sep.
> hamster-applet 17. sep.
> cheese 15. sep.
> tomboy 15. sep.
> glib 15. sep.
> hamster-applet 15. sep.
> anjuta 15. sep.
> hamster-applet 15. sep.
> gnome-utils 8. sep.
> mousetweaks 6. sep.
> anjuta 4. sep.
> gnome-session 4. sep.
> deskbar-applet 3. sep.

I have no stats about that but I feel that there were quite a few
changes due to the fact that translators filed bugs against
strings/untranslatable strings. I could argue now that they should have
done is earlier - but of course they don't do that before string freeze
usually so these things simply come up late in the cycle.

What was really bad in this cycle IMHO was, that lot's of developers did
NOT ask for string freeze breaks but just committed. That really
shouldn't happen in the future as anybody can read in the
MaintainersCorner how to handle these freezes. Same is for sending
announcements when "not technical string freeze" breaks happen. It makes
the work of the i18n team much easier when we know why damned-lies tells
us there have been changes if we get such announcements.

In addition what happened to gdm and glade3 (gnome-2-22 was used there)
should really not happen again. The release team has to make such
decisions early and maintainers have to announce when they will not
release from trunk for a new branch. This really sucked this cycle I
think the release-team failed here.


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