Re: Dbus Howto

В Вск, 12/10/2008 в 16:21 +0200, Dennis Hilmar пишет:
> Hi
> It seems that python is the most used language when dealing with dbus
> (I googled). But this is not good news for an embedded developer, who
> has dedicated his life to C... 
> I was wondering if anyone knows about a good C programming DBus howto?
> I will make a blog about my discoveries...
Hm, there are a lot of docs here:

For example this one mentions low-level API

Also, there is dbus mailing list on, you can always ask
quesitons there.

> What I would really like to know is how to find the services I need in
> my programs. Fx right now I just want the simplest way of detecting a
> new USB device through Hal.
It's better to use libhal here, not dbus interface or check libhal
sources if you need something simplier. For example check API on


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