Re: GNOME 2.24: Worst release cycle I have been a part of [l10n/i18n]

Hey all

Ok, so a lot of feedback, which was really what I had hoped to get from this
thread, and a few answers, but no goals higher than that ;)

In general: My main concern was to raise awareness of the fact that this one
was worse than usual. I have now gotten a few good answers as to why. From
what people are telling me in this thread it is because GNOME went though
some large infrastructure changes, ok, that is something I can understand
and then I wont mind the extra work. But then, if we are headed for another
one of those anytime soon, then a simple heads up would nice (Now I
certainly don't hope that there was one and that I missed it). A small email
of warning and motivation, "We are making big changes. It's is going to mean
extra work for you. Let's pull through !!" would be nice.

Now to answer some people:


> A separate matter is: Why do we always have to be the ones that say
> no? With any luck I might be a parent one day, so I really don't want
> to have to get into that habit to early. I suppose one of the thing I
> asking for, is a little more project (project as in module not GNOME
> as a whole) leader responsibility as well, since probably some of
> these thing should have been rejected already at that level, before
> even reaching us. If you want an example of this, you can read the
> thread from the gnome-i18n list from Sep 16 about a string addition to
> glade3. I'm not sure whether it really ended up actually adding
> strings, but it was clear enough that not many thoughts had been given
> to the rest of the group from them.

Dont worry, I'm not taking offense, I read your previous post and
wanted to share my feelings already ;-)

In this release cycle I've been a little less than communicative, and
for that I apologize, I've been feeling my own brand of disgust, and thats
completely my own fault.

If its any consolation, I did send a call for aid email to d-d-l some
months ago, stating that there was no way we could be ready for
this release unless someone were to step in (it was kind of a heads up)
but I should have sent an official email to i18n/release-team.

Well I only saw the one thread I linked to, so I hope you can understand how
I would perceive it that way. I did gather form you wording in those email
that probably something else was going on, but I had no other information
and it didn't really seem like the time to ask. It is sad that communication
didn't work because, at least in my point of view, we would be better off
releasing some modules with a lower frequency than to push developers.

> I understand the predicament of the volunteer, especially when it
> comes to time. But being a volunteer does not mean that you can ignore
> your responsibilities once you are commited. Being a volunteer means
> that you decide whether you perform the task or not, not that you can
> decide to perform it any way or style you want to.

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