Re: [asking for a job] The possibility to take a screenshot of the window where we right click on it

Kjartan Maraas a écrit :
ma., 13.10.2008 kl. 22.24 +0200, skrev Gregory BELLIER:

I'm not sure if I should ask you this or the GTK team.

Well, it would be really useful if when we right click on a window (in the same menu where we have "Maximize, minimize, ...") to take a screenshot of this window *only*.

It would be useful for me because I would win some time. I asked a friend about this feature and he told me it's a good idea. So here I am, asking you this but maybe it's at the wrong place.

I don't think it's difficult to do and my life would be easier. :)

You can do this with alt+prtintscreen on your keyboard. This brings up
gnome-screenshooter for the active window. Isn't that even easier?


Yes of course I could do that. But for a simple user, it would be more user-friendly to have a simple fonctionnality such as this one.


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