Re: The possibility to take a screenshot of the window where we right click on it

Dnia 2008-10-14, wto o godzinie 17:21 +0200, Gregory BELLIER pisze:
> > You can do this with alt+prtintscreen on your keyboard. This brings
> up
> > gnome-screenshooter for the active window. Isn't that even easier?

> Yes of course I could do that. But for a simple user, it would be
> more 
> user-friendly to have a simple fonctionnality such as this one.

Putting the user-friendliness aside (it is questionable without the
usability studies), the advantage of window-menu option is that it is
The way of discovering the Alt-PrtScr combo is only by digging through
keyboard shortcuts preferences.

  /\_./o__ Tomasz Sterna
._.(_.)_   im:smoku xiaoka com

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