Re: [Announce] Artha - Handy off-line English thesaurus with regex search feature released!

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your input! I am not sure of the usage of "notification area" since it is not only used for notifying battery status, date/time, weather, etc. but also by applications like RhythmBox, Pidgin, etc. RhythmBox shows passive desktop notification when a song changes, pidgin doesn't do any notifications except for icon changes w.r.t to status change. What is the difference between them and Artha? Artha notifys the user with the definition of a word, when you select it and press the assigned hot key. I don't see the difference here, in the way you do. Can you please explain it so I can correct it?

Thanks for your time!


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An offline tool for this is kinda cool, but it should be noted that
applications should not sit in the notification area, it is *not* a
'tray'.  It really should just be a standalone app, you may make a
separate panel applet if you desire (or even better, write a deskbar

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 4:07 AM, Sundaram <legends2k yahoo com> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I am glad to announce release 0.9.1 of Artha ~ A handy off-line English thesaurus/dictionary based on WordNet with regular expressions based search feature added to it with this release.
> Artha houses distinct features like global hot key look-ups, regular expressions based search to locate a vaguely known word, passive desktop notifications, suggestions for misspelled words, etc. Once executed, it sits on the system tray monitoring for a pre-set hot key combination. When the user selects text from any window and presses this hot key, Artha pops-up with the word looked up. Should the user prefer passive notifications over the app. popping-up, Artha's 'Notify' option does this. Apart from showing definitions, it also shows Synonyms, Antonyms, Derivatives, Similar Terms, Attributes, Domain Terms, Pertainyms and 5 more. When a word is misspelled, it shows spelling suggestions too.
> Download (src and binaries):
> Code (release 0.9.1):
> svn co
> Thanks!
> P.S.: This is my first open-source application. Thanks for all the support you guys gave me!
> Best Regards
> Sundaram
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