join to FGimpMovie!!!

These are instructions on how to join the the project FGimpMovie (powerful video editor GNU GPL):

Soon I will ask to insert features the project and as you implement them the project (had been registered who did it was a job given to him), I see things he can contribute and maybe later if the project is to popularize and start to receive donations so you may receive something but at the moment and simply volunteer.
if you want to join you will gain access to reading and writing to the SVN repository. and I begin to give jobs to members. The contributions in the site also can be made ​​by SVN. The project is a video editor more sophisticated that many, that supports more complex effects, is for users work in artistic and efficient way. can unless it is a very arduous goal to be achieved but my idea is start by making a simple video editor, but that edit video, and therefore provides for download and then go turning it into something more sophisticated.
for more information or suggestions can contact me by email (fabiojosue gmail com).
And you can see FGimpMovie wiki.
FGimpMovie --- The GNU GPL powerfull video editor.
contact me! fabiojosue gmail com
to download from svn repository:
svn co
and to submit your revision:
svn commit
to update data:
svn up

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