Gnome desktop environment problem.

Dear Gnome masters:

I recently did xinerama on my PC with RHEL6.0(X server 1.7.7), configured Xinerama on the top of Compiz as the following precudure:
1. connect 2 displays to my ATI 4800 graphics card
2. open Compiz as the composite desktop manager.
3. open Xinerama from the Catalyst control center and gdm restart

After the restart, windows have no decoration and mouse use X server default theme.
I psed and find, there is no window manager at all. Further investigation on this is that when Xinerama is opened and X server composite
extension is force closed. Compiz fails if composite extension failed. That is why there is no window manager once Xinerama is enabled.

So I am thinking that, under gnome desktop environment, if the user configured window manager as Compiz, and Compiz fails for any
reason,gnome should have some fallback mechanism to use another window manager.

I plan to file a bug on the bugzilla about this problem.
Do you guys have any comments on this issue ?
Best Regards


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