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Thanks very much for your response. I have jhbuild building the target gnome-world-3.12 . Is that the correct target? I built jhbuild from source, the one in Debian unstable is out of date and fails.

Jhbuild wasn't able to find the dependency for iptables, although Debian unstable has "iptables" and "iptables-dev". So, after it nicely installed all other dependencies, I had to run "jhbuild build --nodeps".

It's been chugging along for an hour without failing, given one core of the core i5-3437U on the toughpad. Nice to be able to build Gnome on a tablet while all of the interactive stuff keeps working!



On 02/26/2014 04:16 AM, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
Hi Bruce!,

On lun, 2014-02-24 at 21:35 -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
Hi folks,

Is there a mailing list for tablet issues or tablet developers? I
didn't see one. Indeed the mailing lists that aren't for developers
seem to be for specific applications rather than the system itself.
So, please forgive me if this is misplaced.
It is true that there is no specific ML around touch/tablet support,
most activity happens in the wider desktop-devel-list gnome org , or on
specific clutter/gtk+ mailing lists.

I've set up Gnome 3 from Debian unstable on a Panasonic Toughpad
FZ-G1. This has two sensor surfaces on the screen: a stylus that is or
emulates a Wacom, and an eGalaxy Touch which is a multitouch finger
touchscreen. Both are using evdev, the eGalaxy also has mtdev. Kernel
is 3.14 .

If anyone has tested this device with Gnome or indeed Linux, there
isn't any web evidence. It works, with a few little issues that I am
now running down.

The Wacom works correctly. The eGalaxy Touch mostly works, but
something is different about the button events. On the screen
keyboard, the buttons highlight when I touch them but they don't act
as if they've been pressed. This also happens on all of the shell
panel buttons. But finger-touch on a dock icon correctly launches the
This was a known bug in gnome-shell 3.8, which is fixed in gnome-shell

In xev, button press and release events look identical between the two
xev reports legacy events that toolkits don't use that much anymore
nowadays... "xinput test-xi2" will report the more modern events that
gnome-shell and gtk+ applications see, XI_TouchBegin/Update/End between
those, it is the interpretation of those what was causing the trouble

Nice to see that Gnome 3 is mostly usable on tablets. I can probably
test multitouch when I get through this issue.
That's something that's improving over the late/future release
cycles :). Unfortunately, this also means that having the latest and
greatest would help in testing here...


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