Re: Translation issues with strftime

On 2003-12-01(Mon) 09:22:43 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi
> There have been some bug reports in bugzilla against gnome-panel/clock
> regarding the use of '%-d' in translations of strings used in strftime.
> See for example
> It seems that this is not working everywhere. Looking at the strftime
> manual, I could not find any mention of such '%-' thing. It might be a
> GNU extension.


Seems you're correct.

[deaddog@localhost ~]$ man date

       By  default, date pads numeric fields with zeroes.  GNU date recognizes
       the following modifiers between `%' and a numeric directive.

              `-' (hyphen) do not pad the field `_' (underscore) pad the field
              with spaces


> Does anyone know what is the exact problem? If it's a GNU extension,
> should it be used?
> Please note that you can use %e instead of %-d and there might be other
> solutions.
> Thanks
> Vincent
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