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On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 20:08:55 +0100
Karl Eichwalder <> wrote:

> Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:
> > I don't see the translating of computer programs as a gratuitous
> > expression of freedom;
> Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not.
> Look, some officials of Austria, Germany (both parts, it started in the
> 80th), Switzerland and other countries lately decided it's time for new
> ("easy") spellings
> Happily, a) the old rules are still offcially valid (for the next couple
> of years) and b) you will not be punished in Germany because of using
> your own spellings.

A similar thing applies to the Netherlands, but not so radical (a lot of
`hard' things such as the notion of falls were already removed from the
language in the fifties or so). In 1995, quite different grammatical and
spelling rules were activated. This mostly applies to how to connect words
to form compound words and the spelling of `foreign' words. (I believe
even the plural `museums' is allowed right now..instead of `musea' which
used to be the only allowed plural, and still is the only sane one, IMHO.)

Most people still use the old spelling (I don't even really know the new
spelling, although I was still at high school at that moment). And I see
no reason to change; the new spelling is just silly.

At least it has no repercussions I you don't follow the official rules.
But this already applied at the end of the nineteenth century, when the
Max Havelaar was written (a famous book). The writer used very strange
spelling at the time, which is currently the reason his books seem to
be written in a modern way: his `strange' spelling is very similar to
what became the official! (Not because of him.)

With regards,

  Elros Cyriatan

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