Re: Persian translations

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

> I don't see the translating of computer programs as a gratuitous
> expression of freedom;

Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not.

Look, some officials of Austria, Germany (both parts, it started in the
80th), Switzerland and other countries lately decided it's time for new
("easy") spellings - now we are force to write compound words as
separate entities (even if there is a difference in the meaning), many a
lot words must be capitalized and "ß" widely disappeared, punctation
rules changed etc. pp.  Some ideas are good, but all in all it's a mess.
At least, one major newspaper uses the "old" spellings again and so do
writers like Günter Grass.

I know many a lot readers (and software users) who cannot stand the new
state of the art and keep asking for "traditional" translations.

Happily, a) the old rules are still offcially valid (for the next couple
of years) and b) you will not be punished in Germany because of using
your own spellings.

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