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El mar, 02-12-2003 a las 08:26, ┼smund SkjŠveland escribiˇ:
> Has there been any talk of switching to KDE's method of distributing
> translations? They maintain separate translation packages containing the
> messages for all core KDE packages, one package per language. The
> approach used by GNOME and many independent projects, on the other hand,
> is to install the all the translations for the package when the package
> itself is installed. This seems a little wasteful, because a computer
> running GNOME is likely to have most of the core and semi-core packages
> installed anyway, but maybe the users don't speak both Hindi and
> Japanese, and the sysadmin would like to save some disk space. More
> importantly, with separate translation packages, it's also easier to
> update the translations after the initial releases, since it's harder
> for fifty package maintainers to make new releases of their packages
> than for one translation package maintainer to make one new release
> when, say, the nn team decides to revise their dictionary and update
> their translations appropriately. 

You cannot update only the .po database because we have other files that
have the translation inside it fetched from the .po (for example, the
.xml and .desktop files).

SUN wants that feature (separated l10n files), it's a matter to propose
a good solution that all people agree. (That change needs intltool
support and other tools changes).

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