Re: Translation issues with strftime

On 2003-12-03(Wed) 00:17:13 +1100, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> >        By  default, date pads numeric fields with zeroes.  GNU date recognizes
> >        the following modifiers between `%' and a numeric directive.
> > 
> >               `-' (hyphen) do not pad the field `_' (underscore) pad the field
> >               with spaces
> It is completely undocumented behaviour for strftime(), though. It
> happens to work, but the strftime(3) page mentions nothing about the
> modifier.
> If it is really important that those strings don't have a leading zero
> for locale-specific reasons, shouldn't the original string be %X and %x,
> as appropriate, rather than some tricked out version as is there
> currently?

There is already a bug report about using %X and %x, though I can't
recall the bug# now. Hope the original reporter can stand up.


> Malcolm
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