Re: MrProject -> Planner

ons 2003-12-03 klockan 21.07 skrev Richard Hult:
> As you might know, MrProject was renamed to Planner and after some
> reorganization it's now been imported as a new module, planner.
> There's only one module now, but it still consists of two gettext
> packages, which means that translations should go in planner/po and
> planner/po-libplanner.
> Does anyone know how to make intltool understand that, without having to
> put all the files from po in po-libplanner/POTFILES.skip and the other
> way around?

Actually, we very much prefer if seperate translation domains can live
in seperate modules. See
for lots of goods reasons for why (both for simplicity and for avoiding
confusion and the very high number of accidents that happen with such
setups) and relevant discussions.

Is there no way this could be arranged with a planner module and a
libplanner module, instead of just one module with several po


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