Re: MrProject -> Planner


Talking about commit po files to CVS server, I'm ready to that, but i'm
fear of myself of make some mistake on the sources modules.

I read
but i've got some question (perhaps it's trivial for you)

We donwloaded gnome 2.4 PO files some months ago, so now i've checkout
the gnome cvs and i suposse it is HEAD branch. So first, should I merge
the new PO files updated from CVS server with translated files before I
commit them?

Thanks and regards,


Jatorrizko mezua: data: og., 2003-12-04 00:07, egilea: Christian Rose
> ons 2003-12-03 klockan 21.07 skrev Richard Hult:
> > As you might know, MrProject was renamed to Planner and after some
> > reorganization it's now been imported as a new module, planner.
> > 
> > There's only one module now, but it still consists of two gettext
> > packages, which means that translations should go in planner/po and
> > planner/po-libplanner.
> > 
> > Does anyone know how to make intltool understand that, without having to
> > put all the files from po in po-libplanner/POTFILES.skip and the other
> > way around?
> Actually, we very much prefer if seperate translation domains can live
> in seperate modules. See
> for lots of goods reasons for why (both for simplicity and for avoiding
> confusion and the very high number of accidents that happen with such
> setups) and relevant discussions.
> Is there no way this could be arranged with a planner module and a
> libplanner module, instead of just one module with several po
> directories?
> Christian
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