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dooteo <> writes:
> Talking about commit po files to CVS server, I'm ready to that, but i'm
> fear of myself of make some mistake on the sources modules.

Well, be careful :)

As a last resort, CVS is designed so that any change can be reverted.
If you're packed with enough care, and still happen to screw something
up, it is possible to fix it (though, one must hope that it will be
rare case that anything needs fixing -- mostly conflicts in
ChangeLog's or file).

> I read
> but i've got some question (perhaps it's trivial for you)
> We donwloaded gnome 2.4 PO files some months ago, so now i've checkout
> the gnome cvs and i suposse it is HEAD branch. So first, should I merge
> the new PO files updated from CVS server with translated files before I
> commit them?

When you've checked out the module (be sure to always update your
checkout -- you don't want to handle "conflicts" at this time), you
should cd into "po" subdirectory, and copy your translation there,
under eg. xx.po (xx is your language code). All of that is explained
quite well in the document you mention.

What's not mentioned there is the usage of "intltool-update xx"
(where xx is, again, your language code) while adding a new
translation (it _is_ mentioned in the section on updating translation,
but this tool is useful at this step too).

So, when you copy your translation in po/xx.po, and you're in po/,
you may do:
$ intltool-update xx
...................... done.
219 translated messages.

intltool-update in this case regenerates the PO Template file (if
neccessary), and merges your translation.

When you finish with the instructions, and come to "cvs commit" part,
you'll definitely want to inspect the message that you get in your
$EDITOR (while doing a commit). It will look something like this.
CVS: Modified Files:
CVS: 	ChangeLog po/ChangeLog
CVS: Added Files:
CVS:    po/xx.po
CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Be sure that there's no any file in the list that you didn't plan to
modify -- if there is, abort the check in, and "consult your system
administrator" :) Or, simply stop by at #i18n on, and
ask for help (also, be patient :).

I hope this helps at least a bit.


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