Re: MrProject -> Planner

Am Mi, den 03.12.2003 schrieb Danilo Segan um 23:59:
> Richard Hult <> writes:
> > As you might know, MrProject was renamed to Planner and after some
> > reorganization it's now been imported as a new module, planner.
> Christian Neumair already replaced MrProject with Planner in the
> status pages.
> > There's only one module now, but it still consists of two gettext
> > packages, which means that translations should go in planner/po and
> > planner/po-libplanner.
> It was discussed several times, and the conclusion was always that
> this is a Bad Thing To Do (atm, only Gimp and Beast are using such a
> mechanism, and the plan for Gimp is to separate them all into their
> own modules).
> Apart from the technical difficulties with intltool you mention
> below, there's a bit of making translators go through the extra
> effort of learning to handle these special cases (and it might relieve
> you of some extra work, like that long README.i18n in Gimp CVS which
> no translator reads before it's too late :).
> If we can avoid it, I think it would be a wise thing to do. How
> (im)possible is it for you to extract libplanner into a separate
> module?  Would you at least consider that as long-term goal?
This problem has been solved. I merged po-libplanner into po and removed
the former from the status pages.


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