Re: MrProject -> Planner

Hi Richard,

Richard Hult <> writes:

> As you might know, MrProject was renamed to Planner and after some
> reorganization it's now been imported as a new module, planner.

Christian Neumair already replaced MrProject with Planner in the
status pages.

> There's only one module now, but it still consists of two gettext
> packages, which means that translations should go in planner/po and
> planner/po-libplanner.

It was discussed several times, and the conclusion was always that
this is a Bad Thing To Do (atm, only Gimp and Beast are using such a
mechanism, and the plan for Gimp is to separate them all into their
own modules).

Apart from the technical difficulties with intltool you mention
below, there's a bit of making translators go through the extra
effort of learning to handle these special cases (and it might relieve
you of some extra work, like that long README.i18n in Gimp CVS which
no translator reads before it's too late :).

If we can avoid it, I think it would be a wise thing to do. How
(im)possible is it for you to extract libplanner into a separate
module?  Would you at least consider that as long-term goal?

> Does anyone know how to make intltool understand that, without having to
> put all the files from po in po-libplanner/POTFILES.skip and the other
> way around?

AFAIK, intltool doesn't support this kind of usage.

If CVS supported symlinks in a nice way, I'd suggest you to use
that. Alas, it doesn't, so I don't. :)

(All of these are my opinions only -- do not consider them as anything
else, unless you share them -- in which case, you can consider them as
your own, too ;)


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