Re: MrProject -> Planner

tor 2003-12-04 klockan 00.25 skrev Mikael Hallendal:
> tor 2003-12-04 klockan 00.07 skrev Christian Rose:
> > Is there no way this could be arranged with a planner module and a
> > libplanner module, instead of just one module with several po
> > directories?
> How do other applications that want to be able to ship parts of there
> application in different binary packages set these things up (Richard
> this is the reason we don't have them all in on po directory, right?)
> Having just one module really helps us a lot, both when developing and
> when releasing. So we don't want to split these up again.

I'd definitely prefer to have just one po directory and not being able
to release separate binaries. I can do that as soon as I find the time
to do it.

Thanks for the feedback,

Richard Hult          

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