Re: Translation issues with strftime

Ole Laursen <> writes:
> Unfortunately, %e is a bad solution. I don't need an extra space:
>   tir 02. dec
>   tir  2. dec
> I just want "tir 2. dec".

I think that provided formats use space padding because of alignment:
dates and times have previously been used in table listings (like 'ls
-l') where it is very important that all the dates align the same.

As for your other comment (when does anyone use zero padding), I
myself don't ever write the names of the days as first three-letters 
only.  So, these formats are not a mirror of how we do it in real
life, but rather, suited for particular purposes of usage in the 
operating system.

I guess one would need to do in code something along the lines of

  strftime(str, size, "%e", time);
  if (str && *str == ' ') str++;

what would make us happy (of course, there are a bunch of other things
programmer needs to take care of, but not relevant to this discussion).

Also, a programmer would use this solution iff there's no need for
fixed width dates -- so most occurences in Gnome should probably use
this kind of trick.


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