Re: Translation issues with strftime

Danilo Segan <> writes:
> ...
> what would make us happy (of course, there are a bunch of other things
> programmer needs to take care of, but not relevant to this discussion).

Just to make it clear: there's really a lot to making this approach
work (because %e won't be at the beginning, or won't be in at all in
some translations), I just wanted to point out that this can only be
cleaned up in code, and it would still be a hack.

Any kind of solution which wouldn't change strftime definition (like
those GNU extensions) is going to look as hack; and any extensions
are bound to be not portable.

Even things like replacing all double-spaces with a single space
would be crap if format by default includes double-space after eg. a
date, and before time (quite common, I suppose).


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