Re: Unannonced team de_BY or mistake?

Hi Gerfried,

Gerfried Fuchs <> writes:
>  Pretty please, don't Cc: me off list. I received this on list (gnome-de
> that is) and replied because of the mail there, so pretty please don't
> Cc me additionally beside sending to the list...

As you can surely tell, I'm unable to know in front how did you get
the message, so I guess it's better safe then sorry :) -- and, your
header fields made me think something is wrong, rather than that was
your intention.

My mail client obeys Mail-Followup-To[1], so use that please, instead
of whatever you're using now. 

Gnus put incorrect recipient (chosen from your CCs) as my "To" field,
which is not what I wanted -- I directed my reply to you, and not
a person my software put there because of lack of precise data. So,
I've "fixed" it manually, and you didn't get what you wanted ;)

Mail-Followup-To: will do the job much better IMHO,
since SMTP protocol is not designed to accept only CCs, but must have
someone given in RCPT TO; this would also eliminate chances that some
software will put random person in the To field, because you exactly
specified where do you want response to go.


Now, back to the topic.

>  Well, in discussions in germany (or even austria) it is referenced to
> quite commonly, more like a joke. And I would guess that it was done
> just as a joke, noone partly sensible would use such a locale for daily
> work :)

Actually, I don't mind such locales, and I would be more than glad to
work on something similar for my own language; I would even use it in
my *daily* work (yeah, I'm /that/ kind of person :). Only, I wouldn't
call that translation sr_DE, but more like sr@street :-) 


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