Re: Epiphany's help 'section' info not in basque lang

fre 2003-12-19 klockan 11.27 skrev dooteo:
> I thought Scrollkeeper wasn't to bind with Yelp. I mean, are they
> connected (or embebbed)?. I thought scrollkeeper was a old heklp
> browser, and Yelp is the new one (so we don't need scrollkeeper).

No. Scrollkeeper is not a help browser; it's a cataloging system for use
by help browsers (see So the
GNOME help browser Yelp uses Scrollkeeper, and thus you need to have a
fully translated Scrollkeeper to also have a fully translated Yelp. And
Scrollkeeper is translated in the Translation Project.

Still, I'm not sure this is the problem in this case, so you should
probably still bug report the issue with Yelp.


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