Re: [gnome-network]Gnome BitTorrent Mini-Client

Mark Finlay wrote:
I disagree, because bittorrent is different too all the existing p2p
networks. There is no search function in the bittorrent network - it's
all url/http based. Because of this it make more sense being downloaded
from a browser than a traditional p2p program.

I really like the Gnome BitTorrent Mini-Client and hope it can be
integrated into gnome-network/downman

It uses python, I don't know if this is a problem for going into gnome-network.

I've looked at bittorrent, which is also written in python. There are ports to other langs, but I have not checked the btports yahoo group.

Basically we only need the client part of bittorrent, so it should look like this:

You add the .torrent link to the transfer manager, then it contacts the tracker, identifies itself and asks for peers to download from. For (better) performance, it should allow connections to a tcp port in the (bittorrent typical) 6881-6889 range. You contact peers (bittorrent protocol again) and start downloading / uploading. From time to time you contact the tracker for more peers.

Needed (easy) things are:
- some GUI so that the user can limit upload speed since this does not happen with normal transfers.
	- tell how much time we are going to upload: download time only, other ...

I don't see this as a gnome-vfs module, but built into the transfer manager. Of course the transfer manager will use gnome-vfs to do the http transfers anyway, but the protocol/messages logic should go into the transfer manager daemon.

If anyone has an idea for putting the logic into gnome-vfs it will be great :)

This isn't very complicated, but I want to concentrate on the bug list I sent related to gnome-vfs, before starting any bittorrent work.

Any volunteer?

If I get time, I will give it a try since it looks very interesting.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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