Re: [gnome-network]libgnetwork API/ABI Stability

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
Actually, the API/ABI freeze is scheduled for Dec. 8. Not much time to
make a stable release. It's about 6 weeks. :)

oh :-( Anyway, it's still some time to break it, which is what I suppose
Jim was referring to.

6 weeks from now is not much time. If the idea is to have clients use libgnetwork instead of the IDL (for the transfer manager), I think development should speed up, I have been waiting almost for three weeks now.

Rodney, do you have the time to dedicate to the transfer manager? If you can put the code in CVS or send me a copy, I will start looking at it and help in the development.

See you.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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