Re: [gnome-network]IPv6 support

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 21:49 +0200, Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> I have attached to bug #121755 and to this mail a proposed patch to add
> IPv6 support for ping and traceroute tools.
> I'm working to add IPv6 support for the other tools
cool! Since Germán is not approving this patch, I'll approve it
myself :-)

It looks good to me, although it's missing a ChangeLog entry and it
doesn't use GNOME coding guidelines in some places, like the { for an if
starting in its own line (it should be in the same line as the if

Apart from that, it looks good, and when you send the fixed patch, if
Germán or William dont say anything, I'll apply it.

thanks again for the patch, and sorry for the delay

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