[gnome-network] gnome-sync - Questions and suggestions...

Hi everyone.

This is my first mail on the list.

I am working alot with web development, and after a pretty good while
doing my regular sftp's to my servers, I am getting tired.

GNOME is wonderful, and suit my daily needs perfect. It is fast,
realiable, and really productive to use. I've been using GNOME since the
1.3 release, and I'm stunned over the rapid development of the project.

One thing that would increase ( at least my ) productivity even more,
would be a simple way to sync my local web site folders, with the ones
online. Since I prefer developing pages offline, on my local httpd, and
then upload them, there is often a little difference on the
online/offline version of the sites, and it does kind of throw me back
and forward... ( Fix a bug online, forget to make the change offline,
create a new feature offline, upload it, BUG IS BACK...)

I was thinking about writing some kind of applet, where I could click
sync - select a configuration - and then the system would use ssh to
sync the local files and directories with the remote ones, ( to my
servers running rsync ). I thought about using glade to accomplish this,
but I  googled a little first, and found this thread on the list

I thought to myself, why reinvent the wheel? ;-)

So I am a little interested in the progress of the gnome-sync, I have
poor experience with interface programming, since most of my work is
based on Web/database applications ( php/mysql ).

My idea of concept, is a really simple configuration app, like the
"folder sharing" introduced in 2.10 ( I think it was 2.10? )
Then use some kind of applet on the panel to access the different
configurations. Using ssh is a great alternative, since it provides a
fast and secure transfer of files.  There might be a little problem for
those who only have FTP access to their sites, but there should be
possible to create something using FTP as well. What we need is
something general that everybody can use, despite of mean ISP's not
providing ssh. ( Unfortuneatly not everybody administrate their own
servers. )

So, what kind of frameworks whould an app like this use? Is there
anything like this avaible in the world of GNOME, or do we have to
create it?

Long post, but lets hope I got it clear ( english is not my native
language as you see ;-) )

If anyone has a good idea on HOW to solve this, I could try to make a
sample application, and we'll se if it works.


MVH. / Yours sincerely

Morten Albrigtsen

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