Re: [gnome-network] gnome-sync - Questions and suggestions...

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 23:39 +0200, Morten Albrigtsen wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> This is my first mail on the list.
> I am working alot with web development, and after a pretty good while
> doing my regular sftp's to my servers, I am getting tired.
> GNOME is wonderful, and suit my daily needs perfect. It is fast,
> realiable, and really productive to use. I've been using GNOME since the
> 1.3 release, and I'm stunned over the rapid development of the project.
> One thing that would increase ( at least my ) productivity even more,
> would be a simple way to sync my local web site folders, with the ones
> online. Since I prefer developing pages offline, on my local httpd, and
> then upload them, there is often a little difference on the
> online/offline version of the sites, and it does kind of throw me back
> and forward... ( Fix a bug online, forget to make the change offline,
> create a new feature offline, upload it, BUG IS BACK...)
> I was thinking about writing some kind of applet, where I could click
> sync - select a configuration - and then the system would use ssh to
> sync the local files and directories with the remote ones, ( to my
> servers running rsync ). I thought about using glade to accomplish this,
> but I  googled a little first, and found this thread on the list
> archive:
> I thought to myself, why reinvent the wheel? ;-)
> So I am a little interested in the progress of the gnome-sync, I have
> poor experience with interface programming, since most of my work is
> based on Web/database applications ( php/mysql ).
gnome-sync is dead, but that doesn't mean we can't have that tool,
although it would need a different approach. Either we commit to
multisync ( or write a Nautilus plugin that,
once you select a directory, it offers an option in the popup menu to
synchronize with a remote/local directory.

> My idea of concept, is a really simple configuration app, like the
> "folder sharing" introduced in 2.10 ( I think it was 2.10? )
> Then use some kind of applet on the panel to access the different
> configurations. Using ssh is a great alternative, since it provides a
> fast and secure transfer of files.  There might be a little problem for
> those who only have FTP access to their sites, but there should be
> possible to create something using FTP as well. What we need is
> something general that everybody can use, despite of mean ISP's not
> providing ssh. ( Unfortuneatly not everybody administrate their own
> servers. )
> So, what kind of frameworks whould an app like this use? Is there
> anything like this avaible in the world of GNOME, or do we have to
> create it?
> Long post, but lets hope I got it clear ( english is not my native
> language as you see ;-) )
> If anyone has a good idea on HOW to solve this, I could try to make a
> sample application, and we'll se if it works.
I think the nautilus plug-in thing is the best. I haven't used much
multisync though, so not sure if that would be better.
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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