Re: [gnome-network] gnome-sync - Questions and suggestions...

> > 
> > So I am a little interested in the progress of the gnome-sync, I have
> > poor experience with interface programming, since most of my work is
> > based on Web/database applications ( php/mysql ).
> > 
> gnome-sync is dead, but that doesn't mean we can't have that tool,
> although it would need a different approach. Either we commit to
> multisync ( or write a Nautilus plugin that,
> once you select a directory, it offers an option in the popup menu to
> synchronize with a remote/local directory.
My impressions of multisync is that its aimed at PIM data. But that
shouldnt matter ;-) How is the multisync integration with gnome today?

> I think the nautilus plug-in thing is the best. I haven't used much
> multisync though, so not sure if that would be better.
A nautilus plugin is a really good idea, I think what we want is
simplicity, and therefore it might be smart to embedd the sync part into
a core element of gnome, instead of an addon package.

MVH. / Yours sincerely

Morten Albrigtsen

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