Re: [gnome-network] gnome-sync - Questions and suggestions...

On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 23:39 +0200, Morten Albrigtsen wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> This is my first mail on the list.
> I am working alot with web development, and after a pretty good while
> doing my regular sftp's to my servers, I am getting tired.
> GNOME is wonderful, and suit my daily needs perfect. It is fast,
> realiable, and really productive to use. I've been using GNOME since the
> 1.3 release, and I'm stunned over the rapid development of the project.
> One thing that would increase ( at least my ) productivity even more,
> would be a simple way to sync my local web site folders, with the ones
> online. Since I prefer developing pages offline, on my local httpd, and
> then upload them, there is often a little difference on the
> online/offline version of the sites, and it does kind of throw me back
> and forward... ( Fix a bug online, forget to make the change offline,
> create a new feature offline, upload it, BUG IS BACK...)

Use a version control system, dude! I maintain and develop a handful of
websites (professional ones, plus help with some GNOME ones) as CVS or
Subversion checkouts. When I've tested my patch locally, I commit, and a
server-side script triggers an update on the live site (and other stuff
too). It's trivial to set up, and gives you a complete working history,
plus the ability to revert patches atomically etc. Why settle for
anything less? :)

> I was thinking about writing some kind of applet, where I could click
> sync - select a configuration - and then the system would use ssh to
> sync the local files and directories with the remote ones, ( to my
> servers running rsync ). I thought about using glade to accomplish this,
> but I  googled a little first, and found this thread on the list
> archive:
> I thought to myself, why reinvent the wheel? ;-)

I had a similar thought myself once. It would be cool to replace my
'' script (which is just a load of rsync
commands) with a cool gconf'ed HIGified panel applet that tracks sets of
rsync commands (and flags, such as '--delete-after', '--delete-before')
as rules which can be run at will. I haven't seen anything that fits the
bill so far, so my guess is that there's probably a gap in the market,
so to speak.



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