Re: Proposal: an addition to glib for getting the absolute path of the current binary.


Enrico Weigelt <weigelt metux de> writes:

> You're right, gimp should not contain any platform depenendent stuff.
> But please do not put this stuff into the main glib, instead into 
> another library, maybe called glib-procinf (since it in fact fetches 
> information from the running process). 
> I'd really welcome such an library, which also handles relocating, 
> maybe also generic config management. But this should be a separate
> package.

We are talking about a single function here. I work for a company that
uses glib/gtk+ on embedded devices and I am thus interested to keep
useless stuff out of these libraries. But I don't see why this
function should not go into glib (provided it turns out that there is
a reasonable solution).


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