Re: Some 2.6 thinking

Jody Goldberg wrote:

The FSG's papi api with existing wrapper to ipp/cups seems like a
good target for 'how to get the spool files to a printier'.
Unfortunately cairo's postscript backend is not exactly useful just
yet.  It currently rasterizes then ships the result as postscript ...
Beyond making for really large files, it also precludes doing smart
filtering ala gimp-print.
This is because simple postscript isn't expressive enough for some of Cairo's operations.

Other programs that use the PDF 1.4 imaging model also end up rasterising bits of the output due to limitations of PostScript, so it is not without precedent. It is true that some improvements could be made, since other programs only rasterise the portions of the page that can't be described with PostScript. I don't know if Carl is working on this bit though.


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