Re: Some 2.6 thinking

Gaël Le Mignot wrote:

Hello Damon!

13 Apr 2004 11:14:06 +0100, you wrote:
> Has there been any discussion on what people see as the biggest gaps in
> GTK+? A lot of the items in the list might be nice, but aren't too
> important.

What I  would personnally  like is  a way to  include more  widgets as
GtkCellRenders, either a way to put generic widgets, or at least a way
to add  most basic  widgets (combo, spin,  buttons, and  even progress
bars  and  such).  That's  the  only  weakness  I  see  in  the  great
TreeView/TreeModel API.

Anyway, congratulations for the great job you all did on Gtk+ ! :)

I think most of this work has already been done it's just a matter of finding the work and organaizing it. For, instance Tim's tutorial providers pointers to (Progressbar, Combo, Date) CellRenderers, and Lorenzo's GtkGrid provides a spin button cellrenderer, I'm sure there are more out there... But i agree it would be helpful if the gtk+ library included these cellrenderers, if for no better reason
than that it would make them more accessible to developers.

fn:Todd Fisher
email;internet:taf2 lehigh edu

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