Re: Some 2.6 thinking

Keith Packard said:
> The kludge is to just do all rendering in the application and ship the
> whole page as a giant array of pixels.  That's what cairo does right now,
> mostly because the improvement above is only an optimization, which means
> it's below finishing up the cairo API (including the extensions needed to
> support printing at all).
> If anyone has the time and energy to start poking at the cairo postscript
> backend to find some simple common cases which could be rendered directly,
> that would be great.  Alternatively, if anyone wanted to start work on a
> PDF 1.4 backend, that would be even better as cairo is designed to be fully
> supported by PDF 1.4's rendering mode.

i wasn't trying to suggest that a wrong decision/design was made. you
obviously know the issues well and have the right ideas about the solution
(right because i agree of course.) i was just saying (something you know) that
postscript is a language in which anything can be done, though some of it
would require a lot of work and/or be impractical.

i don't really know anything about cairo, but i do have some
expirence/knowledge of postscript (and a tiny bit of pdf) through my job.
cairo is now on my list of things to look at. if i find anything i can manage
to work on, i may well do so.


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