GTK+ Team meeting summary: 2004-04-12

This is a summary of an IRC meeting of the GTK+ team held
on Monday April 12.

A complete log of the conversation can be found at:

In attendance:

 Jonathan Blandford, Anders Carlsson, Matthias Clasen, Noah Levitt,
 Federico Mena Quintero, Kris Rietveld, Soeren Sandmann, Manish Singh,
 Owen Taylor

Future meetings

Owen proposed announcing the meetings on gtk-devel-list in the
future rather than private invitations; everybody seemed OK
with that.

Next meeting is tentatively in one week - April 19; Owen will
announce it if there is anything to discuss. We'll try doing it 
1 hour earlier (21:00 UTC) since the 22:00 UTC time seems a
bit later for the Europeans.

Also discussion of turning off bug mail to gtk-bugs gtk org mailing 
list and having people watch the address in their bugzilla email
preferences instead. Seemed to be general favor. (Owen and
Matthias are already doing this.)


Plan is to do it at the beginning of next week; approximately
Monday April 19.

Release assignments: 

 Anders and Federico will divide up GLib and GTK+ between
 them. Owen will do Pango.


 Matthias: ComboBox, UIManager, GdkPixbuf
 Owen: GLib, Pango, gtk+/gtk, gtk/general
 Soeren: GDK
 Noah: input-methods
 Jonathan and Federico: Filechooser
 Jonathan: GtkTreeView

There will generally be no attempt to fix additional bugs
between now and 2.4.1 other than:

 - Trivial patches to apply
 - Critical patches to apply


Two options for creating a gtk-2-4 branch were discussed:

 1) Do it now
 2) Do it after 2.4.1

Since it's only a week until 2.4.1, we picked that option.
At the same time, the ChangeLog will moved aside.

GTK+-2.6 schedule

People seemed generally happy with the schedule Owen posted to the
list. Some discussion of how it fit into the GNOME-2.8/GNOME-2.10

 GNOME-2.8 final:       mid september
 GTK+-2.6 slush freeze: mid october
 GTK+-2.10 final:       mid december

Which is a little tight for new development against the GTK+-2.6 APIs
before they freeze but generally fairly reasonable.

GTK+-2.6 features

Generally strong support (especially from Jonathan,
Federico, Anders) for trying to functionally replace libgnomeui
in GTK+-2.6 -- meaning adding features like an application window,
wizard, about box, session management, and command line 
option parser.

There was also discussion of improving geometry management
(height-for-width) and sizing specification in units other
than points. Height-for-width in particular would be very nice
to get in this release; the main thing here is whether 
it can be kept well defined and small enough.

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez's GtkGrid widget is looking promising, though
it would probably have to have some fairly extensive application
use before we'd want to consider it for inclusion in GTK+

People were encouraged to put detailed plans for widgets and features
in the plan/ section of

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