Re: GTK+ Team meeting summary: 2004-04-12

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:

Hello people,

> Next meeting is tentatively in one week - April 19; Owen will
> announce it if there is anything to discuss. We'll try doing it 
> 1 hour earlier (21:00 UTC) since the 22:00 UTC time seems a
> bit later for the Europeans.

Well, I don't know if I can be there, so I'd like to say some ideas...

> Triaging:
>  Matthias: ComboBox, UIManager, GdkPixbuf

On this version, will GdkPixbuf separated from GTK+?

> GTK+-2.6 features
> =================
> Generally strong support (especially from Jonathan,
> Federico, Anders) for trying to functionally replace libgnomeui
> in GTK+-2.6 -- meaning adding features like an application window,
> wizard, about box, session management, and command line 
> option parser.

This "command line option parser" will be added in the GLib, won't it?
Anyway, I'd like comment some features which I'd like see implemented
in the next GTK+ version:

1) The separation of GdkPixbuf from GTK+ and the implementation of
   new Colorspaces (we've RGB, but I'd like see a CMYK and YIQ
   Colorspaces. We could be based it on ImageMagick library);

2) A GtkCanvas widget (could be based on Cairo, if you prefer);

3) A RegExp implementation, like we saw in the last e-mails;

Best regards, and I'm sorry for my poor english!

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