Re: GTK+ Team meeting summary: 2004-04-12

Hi Owen,

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 21:05, Owen Taylor wrote:

> GTK+-2.6 schedule
> =================
> People seemed generally happy with the schedule Owen posted to the
> list. Some discussion of how it fit into the GNOME-2.8/GNOME-2.10
> schedule:
>  GNOME-2.8 final:       mid september
>  GTK+-2.6 slush freeze: mid october
>  GTK+-2.10 final:       mid december

	You mean GTK+-2.6 final, right?

	Thinking ahead to GNOME-2.10 which, assuming nothing changes, would be
around mid-March one thing we'd have to try and figure out is whether
work in 2.9 can safely depend on GTK+-2.5.

	I think the general feeling from the release team is that we definitely
want GNOME developers to be able to use new GTK+ APIs as they are being
developed. However, we have to carefully evaluate the risk of the GNOME
release effectively being held hostage to the GTK+ schedule if it slips.

	The GTK+ 2.4 release was an interesting mix of "we must to have the new
fileselector" and "we must not delay the GNOME 2.6 release". In other
words, the schedule was both feature-based and time-based.

	I guess what needs to be asked is "Is the GTK+-2.4 schedule time-based
or feature-based?" - i.e. is it the intention that the above schedule
will be roughly met at all costs, or is it a rough schedule that the
GTK+ team would be willing to slip by a number of months?

	I appreciate that we're talking about a long way away here, but I think
its worth discussing it now while the GTK+-2.4/GNOME-2.6 experience is
still fresh :-)

Thanks guys,

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